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What did you think of this story? To tell the truth, although I already knew it, it moved me a little again. Because, until now, I had no idea that the language and culture of those of us who speak Spanish would have been so present in the creation of the United States. That is why, when I first heard the exploits of Gálvez, I was very surprised. With eyebrows arched and eyes wide open. Well, to the point that, do you know what I do now? I dedicate myself to look for more clues of the Hispanic heritage in the United States. All over. Detective style. As I tell you. I go online, read books, ask teachers and write to friends and family who live in other states. And so, little by little, I've already discovered some things. For example, that the oldest city in the United States is called San Agustín. Or that the first synagogue in New York was founded by a certain Luis Gómez. Or that the wild horses that inhabit the beaches of Maryland and Virginia come from the sinking of a Spanish galleon. So, if you discover something, please give me a tip. Thank you.

Go ahead, become your own historian and detective! Send me your findings about Gálvez or any hispanic influence in the United States that you uncover. Send over videos, documents, or even just a simple email detailing your findings to:
Your contributions

Henry Ginty, age 8 years, Louisiana International School.

Henry summarizes the history of the book and shows us his version of the ships of the time as well as the ceremony in which Congress finally hung the painting of Bernardo de Gálvez.

Custodio Puga Educational Center, Torre del Mar, Málaga, Spain

The students of the Custodio Puga Educational Center in Torre del Mar, Málaga, Spain, recreated the Battle of Pensacola. They also paraded along with their teacher, Javier Frias, to the presentation of the book "Get to Know Bernardo de Gálvez" in the city of Málaga.

GW Carver School, Miami, Florida

Avatars of the protagonists of the book "Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez", created by the students of Professor Mapi Gálvez at the GW Carver School, Miami, Florida.

An interactive game with questions about the book "Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez" has also been made using the application.

Ada Merritt K8 College, Miami, Florida.

The students have made essays and drawings based on their interpretation of the book.


Producciones Infantiles Miguel Pino presents "Yo solo"

Excited to divulge the figure of Bernardo de Gálvez, the popular company Miguel Pino, known for the adventures of Peneque el Valiente, has created a theatrical version with puppets. His funny show, a work for the whole family and especially designed for children, is called "YO SOLO" and has already visited schools in Spain and the United States.


"Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez", meeting with the author

A fun interactive presentation by Guillermo Fesser to introduce you to the latin army that, led by General Gálvez, saved George Washington's ass. Without latinos, the United States would not have achieved independence. An opportunity to reaffirm that latinos belong to the United States and to rediscover and enjoy the Hispanic roots of North America.

Visited schools:

CENY, Centro Educativo Español, NY, NY
Nueva Esperanza High School, Philadelphia, PA
Sunset School, Miami, FL
North Dade School, Miami, FL
ISCHS, Miami, FL
ISPA, Miami, FL
Coral Way Bilingual Center K-8, Miami, FL,
Ada Merritt, Miami, FL
Boston International School, Dorchester, MA
Garcia Elementary, McAllen, TX
Escalante MS, McAllen, TX
Redd/Mock Elementary, McAllen, TX
South Middle School-HILD, Edinburg, TX
Ramirez Elementary, Edinburg, TX
John F. Kennedy, Edinburg, TX
Memorial MS-HILD, Edinburg, TX
Villarreal Elementary, San Antonio, TX
Allen Elementary, San Antonio, TX
Harland ISD Wright Elementary, San Antonio, TX
Emerson School, Ann Arbor, MI
Metaire Park Country Day School, New Orleans, LA
PS 321, Brooklyn, NY
International School of Brooklyn, NY
PS376K, Brooklyn, NY
Colegio Loreto, Madrid, Spain
Colegio Abaco, Madrid, Spain
Auditorio Ayuntamiento ValdepeƱas, Ciudad Real, Spain
Sacred Hearts School, Madrid, Spain

Conferences and talks:

Annual Conference of the Education of Hispanics, Dallas, TX
BEAM, Arlington, TX
FLAVA, Williamsburg, VA
LA COSECHA, Albuquerque, NM
Training for Spanish Teachers, Instituto Cervantes, NY, NY

Lousiana Historical Society, November 6, 2016

Presentation of the book "Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez" in the Historical Society of Louisiana.

Weimann auditorium, Metaire Park Country Day School, November 9, 2016

Presentation of the book "Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez" at Metaire Park Country Day School, New Orleans.

Penn School 321, May 22, 2017

Presentation of the book "Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez" at the school P.S.321, The William Penn School, New York.

Permanent mission of Spain to the OAS, Art Museum of the Americas, May 25, 2017

Presentation of the book "Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez" at the art museum of the americas, Washington DC.

Maps and Company, Malaga, October 21, 2017

Presentation of the book "Get to know Bernardo de Gálvez" in the store "Mapas y CompaƱía", Málaga.

San Antonio Central Library Auditorium, March 8, 2018

Commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of San Antonio. The Spanish side of today's American society, with Spanish journalist and writer Guillermo Fesser.